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Pheid, an Athenian herald or hemerodrome, was sent to Sparta to request help when the Persians landed at Marathon, Greece. It means never give up and is also Maxmold Polymer's brand spirit of products.

Our missions are safe living in a secure orientation and implement them. "We are the user" as the start, helping more users to experience the non-stick water driving.

 It's foggy in rainy days, wiper works very hard, still couldn't see clearly of ahead. Cars only can blindly on the way, wipers disturbs are dangelous.

Do you have the experience for driving taut nerves to hold the steering wheel, fear of a slip accident will happen?

PHEID® create a safe driving environment, work very hard , due to to gvie the most beautiful and practical goods to you. With rigorous process and patented formula design, to resist the climate changeale and the construction of outstanding products.

Taking care all your love is our mission, let PHEID® define a new horizon for traffic safety.