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Q-doh® Organic Silicone Clay was initially one of MAXMOLD®'s many industrial research holds, until one-day Q-doh® R&D members inadvertently discovered this long-lost experimental product from the laboratory and found it to be rolling. It has it's own healing effect, with this new idea, the clay was given to the children of the employee to play, and found that the children and the adults were happy to play with it, they found that the clay was easy to clean. Therefore, Q-doh® Organic silicone clay has a starting point for development.
Observing children's clay products that are available in the market, there are unnatural fragrances and plastic materials that may contain plasticizers, which can be chipped, dried and hardened when using, we insist that kids should play clay in a non-toxic and safe environment. Therefore, we have developed organic silicone clay with CE certification and the antibacterial formula. The clay itself is tasteless, non-toxic, and will not dry out or hard to play. We use organic natural silicone rubber and soy ink for the clay box and also the packaging box. The contents of all products must be environmentally friendly and pass various safety inspections. It is an educational toy suitable for the whole family to play.
 In addition to caring about the quality of children's toys, the Q-doh® team is also interested in living supplies. We insist that every developed product should be shared with our family and friends; the material of the product should be re-used and peacefully coexisted with the natural environment. We have just taken the pace from the starting point; we have to go very practical every step of the way, our products will provide more quality shopping options for each family member, from the use of products can feel our intentions.
"Quality innovation, parental reassure, children happy" is the purpose of the Q-doh® team's research and product development.