Evaluation of the physical properties of rubber and elastomeric materials can be used to predict the durability and performance for use in a multitude of final product applications.

A wide range of physical, mechanical and electrical testing on elastomeric, rubber, plastic and silicone materials provides an objective understanding of the material. Within our laboratories we routinely undertake independent measurement of material properties and composition to support research and development activities, for regulatory requirements or OEM submissions.akron rubber 04

Experts in Customized Testing2
We specialize in combining test methods and creating individual test programs based on your requirements to fully investigate material suitability to a specific application. We can also work with you to develop a custom test method, should it be needed.

Performance of many elastomeric materials changes significantly across the temperature range it will see in service. This is a major consideration for design engineers, as the polymer or the constituents of the mix reach transition at varying temperatures. Our experts can advise on appropriate test methodology where environmental conditions such as temperature, pressure and contaminants are factors in polymer performance over its service life.

Sample Preparation Support
Our extensive sample preparation service can mould and form test specimens from most states, granules, powder or extraction of specimens from a final product.

We are always happy to talk to you about the suitability of particular tests, so contact us if you have questions about the test itself or the support you need for your particular project or issue.