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Maxmold Polymer Co., Ltd is located in Hsinchu Taiwan. We supply products to clients all over the world especially the star products, FKM and FFKM o-ring. We are surely capably of designing and producing any rubber components. Our market includes Taiwan, North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, and Austrilia.

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Maxmold® FFKM Polymer Maxmold® is registered trademark of Maxmold Polymer Co., Ltd.Maxmold Polymer Solutions is an industry leader in specialist rubber sealing components. It designs, develops and manufactures specialist precision rubber moulded gaskets, diaphragms, o-rings,  and other rubber assemblies.The company’s polymer technologists use the latest polymers and process technologies to develop an optimum rubber product solution that balances quality, performance and cost. This innovative approach solves problems that standard rubber solutions have failed to do. Maxmold Polymer Solutions has years of experience of successful custom rubber moulded component design and development. Its precision rubber mouldings are used in specialist and harsh environments worldwide.We are famous for excellent quality and low price, especially FKM o-ring and FFKM o-ring. 

Being a solutions provider means helping our customers achieve higher levels of success by engineering the best systems for their requirements. It means looking at the customer applications from many angles to find new ways to create value.
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