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Self-technology as a backup and at a reasonable price, sold around the world


Maxmold Polymer Co., Ltd is the O-ring industry model, the unique production positioning, the average staff in the seal of the seniority of more than 10 years. Clean room production space, the supply of the world's most stringent sealed environment, efficient production technology for the semiconductor industry, chemical industry, the automotive industry to provide the best quality perfluorinated rubber, fluorinated rubber, and various synthetic rubber and other advanced material. Of course any rubber components we have the ability to design and produce.

Maxmold has the experience of recipe, mold design, after years of successful innovation, our rubber seal solutions and professional rubber sealing components technology has been one of the leaders in our design and manufacture of professional precision rubber O-ring And other rubber components have always been known for their high quality and reasonable prices, especially O-rings. Our factory will have more than 5,000 molds in the next five years, including a series of molds needed to make perfluorinated rubber.

In addition to the thorough cost reduction to manufacturing, from the sale of products, the quality of self-learning self-improvement, "self-technical backing and social useful products at a reasonable price, sold around the world", applied to MAXMOLD. Our dreams become suppliers pride, such as all stakeholders (stakeholders) of the company.

In addition, in order to leave the natural environment to the next generation of complete environmental protection management, we have to fulfill our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen, we believe that in the 21st century, the company grew up is unique. MAXMOLD's corporate culture continues to follow the "dream" step by step, never stopped. "Great parts manufacturer, great city factory". Now, in the 21st century we have to carry out further "dream chase of management".