Why do need to pass the NORSOK specification validation?

MAXMOLD® Anti-Explosive Decompression is resistant to explosive decompression

Explosive decompression (ED) or rapid gas decompression (RGD) causes failure of the rubber structure due to gas permeation or dissolution. When the system pressure decays rapidly, the retained gas swells to cause the O-ring to rupture.

Explosive decompression may result in blistering of the seal and internal cracking and splitting of the seal, which may occur if the seals used are not rigorously verified by the NORSOK specification.

What is AED O-RING?

Oil and gas applications developed by a series of advanced anti-explosive elastomer material. Fluorocarbon rubber (FKM) and perfluorinated rubber (FFKM) and other special compounds products, each of the special formulations of materials have the world’s most outstanding explosive decompression resistance (EDR). We are the only certified company in Taiwan to be able to meet Norsok M-710 acid working and RGD test conditions independently tested in the world’s only accredited test labs.

Unique monomer structure

A new monomer polymer PMV combination, using Maxmold® APA bridge system


High performance anti-explosive decompression materials

Use of Maxmold Polymer macromers

Provides recipes for different processes

FFKM perfluorinated rubber

FKM fluorine rubber

HNBR Hydrogenated nitrile rubber