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Maxmold Polymer Co., Ltd. work hard in the silicone / rubber R & D and product manufacturing. In the recent committed to the development increative life supplies with friendly environment. Silicone is come from natural mineral refining, chemical stability, odorless, non-toxic, It's the excellent children's supplies material.

As the hope that children can enjoy a more safety environment in play of clay. We developed reusable, not mildew, odorless, non-toxic "Q-doh" silicone clay. Q-doh on behalf of the elasticity, cute, high quality. Hoping to open the children's brain from Q-doh silicone caly unlimited life imagination.Playing with Q-doh silicone clay has a calming effect on children, helps to relieve stress, offers a positive diversion for young, active minds. Q-doh Silicone Clay a great sensory learning experience, tactile and visual, primary and secondary Colour awareness, complementary and tertiary colours, joy of mixing clay Creative Explorations in colour.Right brain creates, associates, stretching the imagination Promotes a holistic left & right brain development.

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Creative plates Ver. (3~6 years)

Shape cutters Ver. (3~12years)



Product Features



Non-hardening, Mold-resistant, Reusable

Q-doh Silica clay even if placed in open space will not dry or hard, can continue to reusable.

Environmental protection and affordable.


Odorless and non-toxic

Q-doh Organic Silicone, Odor free, Toxic free, Anti-bacteria


Add Japanese platinum grade antibacterial agent to avoid bacterial growth.
Q-doh Organic Silicone Clay through the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), the European CE, the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs Standard Inspection Bureau of safety toys testing and ST Safety Toys Association inspection qualified, safe non-toxic.



Strengthens hand muscles, activates brain development

Rolling with palms and fingers, pressing, pounding, shaping and forming clay strengthen their muscles and tendons. Prepare them to hold pencils and scissors later on Promotes sensory development.

Playing with clay involves both left and right brains.  Left brain focuses on the discipline and perseverance required to achieve one’s objectives.  Right brain creates, associates, stretching the imagination Promotes a holistic left & right brain development.


Non-stick, no crumb, easy to clean up.

Q-doh Organic Silicone Clay easy to clean up.


Natural shiny
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The Surface will produce natural shiny, after Q-doh Silicone clay placed a period of time, the surface will produce shiny luster, unique beauty.



Water-friendly. Q-doh Silicone clay is waterproof, if stained with dust, it can be clean with water, also can be paly and have hun in the water.


Environment Friendly, Recycling of waste Q-doh Organic Silicone Clay

Q-doh Silicone clay can be recycled.
Waste clay send to Maxmold Polymer Co., Ltd., wecan be produce into other household items, or as a gift resend to user.