PHEID Silicone Wiper Video


The wipers can generate water-repellent film from the start, rain no longer can hinder your sight.

Silicone molecules on the windshield is to form a protective film, the water on the glass will become water droplets ;

Continuously water repellent effect, saving time, and convenience. Durable; developed and manufactured in Taiwan; feel more relief.

  •      Exclusive patent silicone rubber formula
  •      -30℃~200℃ Temperature Resistance
  •      Water repellent film to protect safety on the rainy days

Rainy day driving accident probability 70% higher than usual, do you still use a normal wiper?

Wipers just consumables, use the cheaper one is enough? Do you know when you save the wiper budget, it also sacrificed your safety?

Driving on the rainy days, clearly visible in front of the line of sight. Safety is the only way back home.

Let PHEID silicone dioxide water repellent wipers bring you a new horizon for a rainy day.