In Taiwan’s industrial sector, one in three FKM O-RINGs is made by Maxmold Polymer Co., Ltd. Katon’s FKM O-RING brand is KATON® , which includes FKM & FFKM. (The US Chemours Company’s FKM brand is VITON® ; DuPont’s FFKM brand is KALREZ®.)

KATON®   is the source manufacturer of FKM O-RINGs. In Taiwan, Maxmold Polymer Co., Ltd. is the only company focused on FKM O-RING production. We produce over one million FKM O-RINGs every week.
 We shall not deploy in other fields of rubber production manufacturing outside our area of expertise. For years, Maxmold Polymer Co., Ltd. has been focusing on precision KATON® FKM O-RING production.
You can rest assured that our company is unparalleled by any other in Taiwan as we are specialized in all kinds of FKM O-RING production. We are proud to say that our KATON® FKM O-RING has the best quality at the most competitive prices in Taiwan.
We provide high-quality O-RINGs with reasonable prices and FKM O-RING production by batch size and assorted dimensions. We welcome inquiries from industrial users from all sides, OEM, MRO, ODM, and agency, distribution and collaboration. Maxmold Polymer Co., Ltd. the well-experienced expert, is at your service!